MenoCheck picoAMH Testing Kit


MenoCheck picoAMH Test

Find out when the menopause will start and your ovarian reserve with our easy to use home kit. Simply take a finger-prick blood sample  and mail it back and we'll provide you your results.

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What is the MenoCheck picoAMH Test?

MenoCheck is the first ever clinically validated test which lets you know when the menopause will start and a measure of your ovarian reserve. It is a brand new, ultra-sensitive test for Anti-müllerian Hormone (picoAMH).

If you are over 42 and have symptoms, family history or are just curious, this test can like never before, give you an accurate estimate of whether menopause is years away, imminent or already happened. 

If you are between 26 and 41, then this picoAMH test gives you a very accurate assessment of your ovarian reserve and an indication of your fertility levels. 

This test is not yet available on the NHS. It has only recently been developed and approved by the FDA in the USA and no NHS laboratories have started processing this ultra-sensitive picoAMH test as yet.

We will deliver you a box containing either a simple finger-prick blood test that you can do in the comfort of your home or a kit you can take to a phlebotomist. You then simply return your sample to us using the pre-paid envelope and we’ll send your results back to you.

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