How to take your own blood for the Menocheck picoAMH Blood Test

Taking your own blood sample for our Menocheck blood tests is simple and virtually painless but if this is the first time you have given a sample this way, we have prepared the video below to walk you through the process. 

Phlebotomy Option:

If you don't want to, or aren't able to take your own blood, you can select a "phlebotomy kit" when you are making your purchase and simply find a phlebotomist to take your blood for you. This could be at your GP surgery, local hospital or any other healthcare provider. 

If you need help finding a phlebotomist please contact us and we can help find a solution local to you. We have an growing national network of options we can recommend.  Some of these do charge a fee - usually about £20

We can also arrange a phlebotomist to come and take your blood sample at home or at work. Mobile phlebotomy services which come to you usually cost £60.