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MenoCheck picoAMH Plus LH, FSH & Oestradiol Testing Kit

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What is MenoCheck picoAMH Plus?

MenoCheck (picoAMH) is the first ever clinically validated blood test to assess your menopausal status and give you an accurate estimate of how long it will be until your last menstrual period. For women over the age of 42 it has been clinically proven to give a reliable estimate of the time to menopause - whether it is more than 5 years away, within a year or already happened. This package also includes Luteinising Hormone (LH), Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Oestradiol (Oestrogen) levels. These hormones are all affected by menopause and although they cannot give you an estimate of time to menopause in the way MenoCheck picoAMH can, they help to round out the picture of what is occurring in your body.

Why MenoCheck picoAMH?

Menopause is defined clinically as having occurred when your periods have stopped completely. Peri-menopause is the time when symptoms start. It is the period of time that has generally been referred to as 'going through the menopause'. 

Going from peri-menopause (when the symptoms of menopause start) to  menopause (when periods stop completely) can sometimes take years. During this time oestrogen levels fluctuate dramatically and along with irregular and heavy periods, there can be a long list of other disabling symptoms - hot flushes, night sweats, sleep problems, poor memory and concentration, mood changes, reduced libido, vaginal dryness, headaches and palpitations. There are also health issues associated with the process - thinning bones, muscle loss, weight gain, urinary tract infections and an increased risk of heart disease.

Knowing when your final menstrual period is likely to be means you will be able to plan better preventative care for symptoms likely to disrupt your everyday quality of life, and also reduce the risks of health conditions that come with the loss of ovarian hormones. It can help you make decisions about whether you should treat heavy periods (including hysterectomy) or wait until nature takes its course, whether you should start or stop HRT and contraception. It can help prompt and motivate healthy lifestyle changes that can help you modify the effects that lowering oestrogen is having on your body and mind.

This test profile includes the hormones traditionally tested to confirm the menopause - LH, FSH and Oestradiol. These hormones do change as menopause gets closer, and knowing the levels of these as well as picoAMH (MenoCheck) can help confirm the onset of peri-menopause and menopause.

Which kit is right for me?

Self Test

This is a finger-prick test with full instructions on how to do everything in the comfort of your own home. The test only takes minutes to perform and is very easy to perform. Simply put, you will need about 5-6 drops of blood into one small tube which you then post back to our partner laboratory using our pre-paid envelope.

If you would like instructions on how to take your own blood we have put together a video which you can see by clicking here.


If you prefer you can request a phlebotomy kit which you take to someone who is able to take your blood for you. If you need help to find someone to take your blood for you [a phlebotomist] just let us know and we will do our best to help.

How do I get my results?

You will receive your choice of kits by first class post and whether you take the sample yourself, or have someone take it for you, you then post it back to our partner laboratory using our pre-paid envelope.

Your results will be emailed to you via our secure portal within 5-10 days of receiving your sample at the laboratory. All tests are reviewed by our NHS registered GPs.

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