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MenoCheck picoAMH Testing Kit

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What is MenoCheck picoAMH?

MenoCheck is the first ever clinically validated blood test to assess your menopausal status and give you an accurate estimate of how long it will be until your last menstrual period. For women over 42 it has been proven to give you a reliable indicator of whether your last period is still more than 5 years away, a year away or already happening.

This test is not yet available on the NHS. It has only recently been developed and approved by the FDA in the USA and no NHS laboratories have started processing this ultra-sensitive picoAMH test as yet.

Why MenoCheck pico AMH?

Menopause is defined clinically as having occurred when your periods have stopped completely. Peri-menopause is the time when symptoms start. Peri-menopause is the period of time that has generally been referred to as 'going through the menopause'. 

Going from peri-menopause (when the symptoms of menopause start) to  menopause (when periods stop completely) can sometimes take years. During this time oestrogen levels fluctuate dramatically and along with irregular and heavy periods, there can be a long list of other disabling symptoms - hot flushes, night sweats, sleep problems, poor memory and concentration, mood changes, reduced libido, vaginal dryness, headaches and palpitations. There are also health issues associated with the process - thinning bones, muscle loss, weight gain, urinary tract infections and an increased risk of heart disease.

Knowing when your final menstrual period is likely to be means you will be able to plan better preventative care for symptoms likely to disrupt your everyday quality of life, and also reduce the risks of health conditions that come with the loss of ovarian hormones. It can help you make decisions about whether you should treat heavy periods (including hysterectomy) or wait until nature takes its course, whether you should start or stop HRT and contraception. It can help prompt and motivate healthy lifestyle changes that can help you modify the effects that lowering oestrogen is having on your body and mind.

Which kit is right for me?

Self Test

This is a finger-prick test with full instructions on how to do everything in the comfort of your own home. The test only takes minutes to perform and is very easy to perform. Simply put, you will need about 5-6 drops of blood into one small tube which you then post back to our partner laboratory using our pre-paid envelope.

If you would like instructions on how to take your own blood we have put together a video which you can see by clicking here.


If you prefer you can request a phlebotomy kit which you take to someone who is able to take your blood for you. If you need help to find someone to take your blood for you [a phlebotomist] just let us know and we will do our best to help.

How do I get my results?

You will receive your choice of kits by first class post and whether you take the sample yourself, or have someone take it for you, you then post it back to our partner laboratory using our pre-paid envelope.

Your results will be emailed to you via our secure portal within 5-10 days of receiving your sample at the laboratory. All tests are reviewed by our NHS registered GPs.

Why MenoCheck picoAMH vs FSH/LH and Oestradiol blood tests for measuring menopause

A MenoCheck picoAMH blood test allows us to measure the your level of Anti-müllerian Hormone a 1000 times more sensitively than existing tests. A drop in AMH levels is a much more reliable indication of approaching menopause than measuring FSH, LH or Oestradiol - although these hormones can be useful too. 

AMH levels go down well before alterations in FSH, LH and Oestradiol levels are apparent so you get a picture of approaching peri-menopause earlier from AMH levels. Also AMH levels go down steadily with time as it is not affected by your cycle. FSH, LH and Oestradiol levels vary widely through a menstrual cycle making it more difficult to interpret the results. AMH is not affected by the menstrual cycle so it is a more reliable marker of reducing ovarian activity. 

MenoCheck picoAMH levels can give accurate estimates of time to last period up to 5 years before it happens.

Customer Reviews

- 6 months ago
V disappointing turnaround time with distinct lack of communication throughout, when forced to chase up my results. Process took 2.5 weeks. When results did finally materialise they were not what I had understood to be on offer - the website marketing literature had led me to believe that the test would indicate my final period date with much greater accuracy than simply "less than 3 years"! I basically knew this anyway hence sadly it was of no value to me. Had the limited granularity of test results been explained better on the website I simply would not have ordered one and saved myself a whole lot of time, frustration and money.
- 7 months ago
I guess it does what it says on the tin, but the results are so vague and broad, I don't know how useful they are. A certain percentage over such a long time span doesn't give me any tools to plan over that time and I don't feel that it's put me in an informed position. Also, payment to dispatch to result took a very long time, with no updates. I have used thriva, etc., and there are preprinted labels etc. I am not confident in the process as there weren't barcodes provided and it was all manually done. My results were addressed to a different person entirely, further calling into question the processes.
Vicki - 10 months ago
The whole process worked very well. Thank you
Jennifer - 10 months ago
The test box arrived in the post the next day. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Results came back by email and very helpful follow up with their medical director.
Siobhan - 11 months ago
It is good to know the result although a bit fiddly the first time