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picoAMH Fertility Test

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picoAMH Fertility Test - measuring ovarian reserve

picoAMH is a great way to get an indication of your fertility level at any age. For any women from the age of 21 picoAMH gives a very accurate measure of anti-müllerian hormone levels.

Anti-müllerian hormone (AMH) is an indicator of the number of eggs a woman has in her ovaries (ie "ovarian reserve"). 

Every woman is born with a set number of eggs although there is huge variation between women. Some women can be born with up to 50 times more eggs than others. 

Then each time you ovulate there are a large number of these eggs that are "recruited" every time to start the process of maturing towards ovulation but generally only a single  egg is released each month. The rest of the eggs (and this can be anywhere from 100 to 5000 eggs) that started the maturing process but do not make it to ovulation are broken down. 

Because of both ovarian reserve and recruitment there is a very large variation between individual women in numbers of eggs at the start of life and the rate these numbers reduce during life. Checking your picoAMH level is a very useful way to get an indication of where you are as an individual in regards to the number of eggs left at any time.  

Which kit is right for me?

Self Test

This is a finger-prick test with full instructions on how to do everything in the comfort of your own home. The test only takes minutes to perform and is very easy to perform. Simply put, you will need about 5-6 drops of blood into one small tube which you then post back to our partner laboratory using our pre-paid envelope.

If you would like instructions on how to take your own blood we have put together a video which you can see by clicking here.


If you prefer you can request a phlebotomy kit which you take to someone who is able to take your blood for you. If you need help to find someone to take your blood for you (a phlebotomist) just let us know and we will do our best to help.

How do I get my results?

You will receive your choice of kits by first class post and whether you take the sample yourself, or have someone take it for you, you then post it back to our partner laboratory using our pre-paid envelope.

Your results will be emailed to you via our secure portal within 5-10 days of receiving your sample at the laboratory. All tests are reviewed by our NHS registered GPs.

Why picoAMH vs AMH

A picoAMH blood test is an ultra-sensitive test for AMH levels in your blood.

Customer Reviews

SB - 10 months ago
This really worked! Finger-prick was less painful than I expected. Posted sample and result came through as expected. Great price too.
Jane S - 10 months ago
Bought the self test kit, but was a little worried that I would struggle to do it myself but it actually was very simple in the end.
Spoke to someone at the company who advised if I couldn't do it myself they could help me find someone who could help me.
Posted back and got results back a couple of days later, very impressive and will use again when it's time.
Anon - 11 months ago
I had used a different kit for a couple of years but saw this one and was drawn in by the more accurate claim. Got my results back quickly and really pleased, the results are so much easier to understand and much more accurate than before!